Volunteer Spotlight – Lavanya

Elaine Whitford Give_Receive_Care

“I get lots of advice and wisdom from the [care receivers].”

Lavanya began volunteering with The Center for Volunteer Caregiving in 2019. When she moved to the Triangle area she knew that she wanted to contribute to her new community, but she didn’t realize how many benefits she would receive as a volunteer with The Center. “It is a give and take relationship for me,” Lavanya reported. “I get lots of advice and wisdom from the [care receivers]. If I ever have trouble in my personal life, I can talk to them about it.”

Lavanya volunteers with The Center’s transportation program, driving care receivers to doctor’s appointments, to the grocery store and to run other essential errands. She says that she has developed strong relationships with some of the care receivers that she drives frequently.  Lavanya has been providing transportation to Pam since she started volunteering. “Pam always asks me about my family and my travels,” Lavanya said. “She wants to see photos of my family and asks about my trips to India.”  

Lavanya is touched by the love and consideration the care receivers show her. She frequently drives Bill to the grocery store. “Bill never fails to ask me if I want him to get me anything while he is shopping,” Lavanya said. “It is a small gesture, but I know this is how Bill shows his affection towards me. It warms my heart.” 

Driving around the county is another benefit that Lavanya receives from volunteering with The Center. She enjoys driving and was excited to find a volunteer opportunity that allowed her to drive around her new community. “I know how isolated people can feel,” Lavanya said. “I wanted to help people get out of the house who couldn’t get out otherwise.”

Lavanya previously volunteered with a nonprofit organization in India that helps young girls, so she knew she would find volunteering rewarding. She knew nothing about the volunteer opportunities in the Triangle area when she first moved here. It was actually her husband who discovered the volunteer opportunity with The Center through a Google search online. Lavanya shared, “The Center was the first place I applied to volunteer. It just worked out well for me.”

Lavanya gives her family credit for supporting her volunteer work. Her husband and daughter straighten the house, prepare dinners and take care of other household chores on days that she volunteers to make things a little easier for her, Lavanya said. “My husband tells our friends and family about my volunteering. He is very proud of my volunteer work.” Lavanya has provided nearly 100 hours of volunteer service to The Center’s clients.