Volunteer Spotlight – Daksha

Elaine Whitford Give_Receive_Care

Daksha knows the needs of older adults as both of her parents currently live with her, including her 85-year-old father who Daksha helps drive to doctor’s appointments. But what about older people who don’t have family nearby to help get them to doctors’ appointments? This concern led Daksha to look for an opportunity to help older people who are not fortunate enough to have the kind of support her father has. 

Daksha joined The Center’s Board of Directors in January 2022, and has found it fulfills her desire to help older people. “I have empathy for those who don’t have the needed support,” Daksha said. “I am quite familiar with elderly care and have a soft spot for it.”

Daksha works in the travel industry. Her company encourages its employees to get involved in their community by participating in the BoardLead program, which pairs professionals with nonprofit organizations that need volunteers to serve on their Board of Directors. While exploring the BoardLead placement process, Daksha learned about The Center. Daksha remembered that her friend had volunteered with The Center and was positive about her volunteer experience. Her friend’s recommendation coupled with Daksha’s desire to work with older adults lead her to select The Center as one of her top choices for board placement.

In addition to serving on its board, Daksha also volunteers with The Center’s Transportation Program. “I want to know what [volunteers] are experiencing, rather than just being on the board and making decisions for people,” Daksha said. “I wanted to get the ground level experience of volunteers so that I can appreciate what they go through as I try to recruit more volunteers.”

Daksha’s work schedule can be erratic, so she found The Center’s Transportation Program to be the best fit for her volunteer work. Daksha is on conference calls often and alternates between working from home and working in the office. She is also on call for work often in the mornings and evenings.  Transportation volunteers may pick up rides when they have availability, rather than on a set schedule. “I don’t feel like I am on a fixed schedule because I can’t be based on my work schedule,” Daksha said. “This is something that is good for people like me whose work schedules fluctuate so much.”

So far, Daksha has had fun giving rides for The Center’s clients. “It gives me exposure to different people and their needs and wants,” Daksha said. “It is always interesting when people have different views and different needs at this point in their lives.” Daksha provides rides for one care receiver who lives within walking distance of Daksha’s house, which makes pick up and drop off of this client very easy.

In addition to her current role, Daksha is excited for her future involvement with The Center. “As I look towards the next chapter in my life as I get closer to retirement at some point, this is an organization that I can see myself continuing to be a part of.”