Meredith College Falls Risk Project

Elaine Whitford Give_Receive_Care

L-R: Paige Lawrence, Alex Reyes, Zoe Stavredes, Laura Lumbic, Samantha Hester, Dr. Gwynn Morris

Students from Meredith College have launched the 2018-19 Falls Risk Reduction Project in cooperation with The Center for Volunteer Caregiving. Each year, the students select 20 candidates from our care receivers who will receive four home visits from the students. During the home visits, the students assess the potential falls and safety risk factors in the home and provide recommendations for improving safety.

Candidates who are safe for physical activity will learn a series of seated exercises to strengthen balance and mobility. Students return to the candidate’s home to review progress with the exercises and implementation of safety improvements. Certain candidates may be eligible to receive limited home safety modifications at no cost as part of the program.