Lunch and Learn: From Hoarding to Hope

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Clutter has a way of piling up in our homes and for seniors, the piles of stuff can lead to safety issues. That’s why the October Lunch and Learn featured Geralin Thomas of Metropolitan Organizing, LLC.

Geralin defines clutter is something that is unused, unloved or unfinished. There are a number of feelings that come up when you consider the attachment to something in our home.

  1. Clutter gives us hope. For example, an exercise bike that is cluttering up the den could mean that someone hopes to start a healthy lifestyle.
  2. Clutter makes us fear that if we get rid of something, we will need it one day soon.
  3. Clutter can make us feel guilty if it was a gift from someone special who might notice if we gave it away.
  4. Clutter make you feel embarrassed and not want others to come over because of the mess.
  5. Clutter makes us feel sentimental if it’s something a loved one once owned and is no longer living.

Some of the keys to decluttering a home are found in the video below. Other ideas include thinking of ways to honor things that are important. For example, a piece of cross stitch that Grandma made should be framed and hanging in the home, not stuffed into a box. Another idea is to think about what you would take if there’s a fire. This is a quick way to figure out what is really important.

If you have a favorite tip for organizing your home, enter it in the comment section below.

About Geralin Thomas

Geralin takes a multidimensional approach to understanding hoarding tendencies and offers organizational tips that break the process down into more manageable steps. “Remember it’s not about the stuff,” writes Geralin in her book From Hoarding to Hope. “I’m best known for offering real solutions for real people, emphasizing simplicity and excellence in my approach to organizing challenges both large and small.” Geralin is the founder of Metropolitan Organizing, LLC who has appeared on NBC’s Today Show and A&E’s Hoarders. She is an award-winning instructor with the National Association of Professional Organizers.