Friday Feature: Helping Others Helps Our Community

Elaine Whitford News

Helping older adults live safely and with dignity helps our community. That’s why for the last two years, The Center has been excited about the Cary Chamber’s Day of Service.

This year, several businesses adopted six of our Care Receivers and provided them with services including raking, cleaning and yard waste removal.

Here are just a few of the comments from the day:
“We worked until about 2 p.m. and got a lot of yard work as well as a few other chores done,” said Robin from Mr. Handyman of Western Wake County. “The Care Receiver was kind enough to prepare a wonderful lunch for us and we enjoyed visiting with her while on break.”

“I spent the morning doing some house work and organization with wonderful people,” said Tim from Aware Senior Care. “We instantly bonded when they learned I grew up 20 minutes from where they lived in Valley Stream, Long Island and we talked a lot about the outdoors.”

“Our Care Receiver was a pleasure to work with and loved socializing with us while we worked!” said Anna from Copy CEI. “A very sweet man who was very appreciative of help!”

It was truly a gift to our Care Receivers to have their yards and homes transformed during our March Gladness projects. We are thankful the Cary Chamber of Commerce organizes these annual events that provide a way for so many businesses to give back to the community.

One of the Care Receivers had this to say about the day, “Thank you so very much for taking me under your wing and sending The Cleaning Crew to help me. They did a wonderful job – all 5 of them!” This Care Receiver is 91 years old and added that he recently lost his wife. They had been married more than 65 years.

“When you promote health and well-being, there are fewer people who are becoming dependent and in need of special services,” said Lynn Templeton, Executive Director for The Center.

If your business is interested in completing a group project, please call 919-460-0567 or email.