Friday Feature: Margaret Weaver and The Center’s Assessor Program

Elaine Whitford News

In addition to volunteering with The Center, Margaret enjoys time spent with family.

When Margaret Weaver was planning for retirement from nursing, she wanted to do something meaningful with her time. She wasn’t dreaming of improving her culinary skills, Margaret wanted to use her skills to help seniors and adults with disabilities by providing them with services that would allow them to continue living independently.

In four years with The Center, Margaret has completed more than 50 assessments and volunteers with several Care Receivers taking them shopping or just visiting with them in their homes.

With each new case, Margaret carefully evaluates a Care Receivers home exploring ways that The Center’s volunteers can help. She then compiles a thoughtful report that The Center’s staff and volunteers can use for planning a comprehensive approach to care.

During that time she has seen some heartbreaking living conditions in Wake County. “It was eye-opening to see the emotional and financial need,” said Margaret. “I spend a lot of time with each person to get the necessary information to help make the best possible volunteer match.”

Before Margaret goes into a Care Receiver’s home, The Center does a phone evaluation. “It is important that we know the environment into which we are sending our wonderful volunteers, and to ensure that our Care Receivers are safe in their homes,” said Robin Pollock, The Center’s Services Coordinator.

As the need grows in Wake County so does the need for volunteers to capture the details that will assist staff in determining eligibility and priority for services. “The assessor position is very important, as they are the first faces our Care Receivers see from The Center,” Robin said.

Our next Assessor Training is planned for March 9. If you are currently a volunteer and want to move to the next level, this training is for you. “It’s been rewarding to talk to such nice people and then be able to help them is great,” Margaret said.

Please contact Nancy to learn more about The Center’s Assessor Program.