Breakthrough Series – Hearing Loss and Hearing Aids – Your Questions Answered!

Elaine Whitford Give_Receive_Care

Tuesday, June 23, 2020
1:30 – 2:30 pm
Five Points Center for Active Adults, 2000 Noble Road, Raleigh, NC 27608
Light refreshments provided by Waltonwood Lake Boone

To RSVP, click here. The Breakthrough Series is free and open to all, so please share with anyone who may be interested in this information.

Lead by Robert Keefer, this session will help you and your loved ones get answers to the most frequently asked questions about hearing aids and hearing loss. They include:

1. “Why should I get my hearing tested?   I get along fine the way I am, I hear good enough and sometimes wish I heard less.  Besides, I might learn I need hearing aids and I am not ready for that.  They are expensive and I am not that old”. 

2. “I know I should get hearing aids, but why should I put myself through the process?  I understand you have to go back again and again before they get it right, and people tell me that you can’t trust hearing aid dealers anyhow”. 

3. “My husband (or wife) has hearing aids but why don’t they use them every day?  They can’t hear me!”.

4. “Why are hearing aids so expensive? My smart phone can do more things and is a tiny fraction of the cost.“

5. “Why aren’t hearing aids covered by Medicare or my insurance?

Our speaker Bob Keefer has worked in the hearing healthcare industry for over 12 years.  He also has hearing loss and hearing aids.  This combined experience has given him a number of insights into the issues people face with they have hearing loss and need to decide on what kind of specialists they should see and why hearing aids can be so expensive and frustrating to use.